Mr Tioukaye Hasoumi 
(Cow breeder) 

Mr Tioukaye's job is to take care of the cows. He makes sure they are adequately fed and hydrated and that their stall conditions are clean. He monitors their health, treats diseases and organises veterinary check-ups. The cowman also looks after the reproduction and breeding of the cows by monitoring the breeding cycle and carrying out mating or insemination. He keeps records of the cows and analyses the data to make informed decisions. Overall, the cow breeder is passionate and committed to ensuring that the cows are healthy and productive.

Ms Nadege Likpo 
(Chicken farmer) 

Ms Likpo is an animal technician and is especially responsible for the daily care and maintenance of the chickens. She makes sure that the chickens have enough food and water and cleans their coops and enclosures regularly. She also observes the animals' behaviour to make sure they are healthy. In case of injuries or illnesses, she takes care of the medical care and gives necessary medication. In addition, it is her job to train and tame the animals if necessary to facilitate their handling. Her work requires patience, attention and love for the animal to ensure that they are healthy.

Mr Abraham Bidossessi (Agriculturist) 

Mr Bidossessi is the farmer on the farm and plays a crucial role in the care and growth of the plants. His main job is to plant, fertilise, water and harvest the crops. He ensures that each plant receives enough nutrients and water to grow healthily. He must also be able to detect and treat weeds, pests and diseases to ensure that the plants remain vital. The plants partly serve as fodder for the animals on the farm. Therefore, it is even more important that all tasks are done on time. The farmer plays an important role in agricultural production and helps to make the farm successful and productive.

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